About the project

Scouts do not learn in theory. We learn by doing. In order to do that, we need a challenge. Are you up for it? Come a part of  Leadership team !

The Leadership Project hopes to gather 25 youth leaders from Denmark, 25 from Estonia, 25 from Lithuania and 25 from Russia and challenge them in a way they have never been challenged before and develop their leaderskills further. The course will run from 1st of October 2011 to 1st of October 2012.

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Project stages

There will be four main stages in the project. Three of them will be done by participants in their homelands and the last one will be in Denmark.



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Participants' blogs

There are should be 5 members in each working patrool. All the work of the participants will be reflected in their blogs.  Below you’ll find links to the patrools’ scout blogs.





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