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Soon, very soon my friends

Sep 22, 2011   //   by louise   //   News  //  No Comments

I am currently writing from a basement with a lousy internet connection, Northern Jutland, Denmark. These days the mailboxes of our ICOM (our international head ‘patrol’) is filling up with applications for the project. Of course we are hoping to have a full 100 people joining our project. But less can do, as long as they are willing to be challenged. In the head patrol we have been discussing and planning since February and it is funny to finally reach the time when we are going to DO something and not just talk about it.

The feeling must be even better to the two parents of this brain child. Personally, I am looking forward to meeting some of all of you, getting mails, answering questions, inspirering and scouting with you, in life on the internet. We are, after all, modern scouts.

So, lets do some modern scouting!