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GAME/RALLY: Notice me!

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How well do you know your home town/village? In our daily life a lot happens, that we do not notice. This task is to make you notice the world around you and see what’s right in front of you. You may use your network, you may ask people on the street politely if they can help you. Remember to ask for permission before taking pictures of persons!

You get two hours to find and photograph: 

First tasks

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MEETING YOU PHASE 1st of October – 31st of December

First of all a warm welcome to the Leadership Project. We hope this project will challenge you and give your leader skills and scouting something new.

First Task: It has 4 parts. In your patrol you arrange a meeting and then you plan your tasks from there onwards. If you want to, you can invite one team-member from the Leadership Project to your first meeting/or online, so as to help you get started. On you first meeting in your patrol, we would like you to make a time table for when you are going to finish off the different parts and send them to info(a) :