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MEETING YOU PHASE 1st of October – 31st of December

First of all a warm welcome to the Leadership Project. We hope this project will challenge you and give your leader skills and scouting something new.

First Task: It has 4 parts. In your patrol you arrange a meeting and then you plan your tasks from there onwards. If you want to, you can invite one team-member from the Leadership Project to your first meeting/or online, so as to help you get started. On you first meeting in your patrol, we would like you to make a time table for when you are going to finish off the different parts and send them to info(a) :

1. Presentation of your patrol. You need to make 3-5 minutes movie that will show the members’ characters. Try to describe your team through the film. Members of your patrol have common and different features, dreams, talents – tell us about it. You will be given a Youtube profile to upload your video on, when it is ready.

2. The place you are living is more the streets you see every day than the tourist brochures. We would like you to make a 16-35 picture presentation for the homepage, presenting your area from angles no one has seen before – both the positive sides and the critique points. You need to be objective and observant. And describe to us why these places were chosen. Of course, it is not very pleasant to know something bad about place you live in, but a real scout must know the social world around us, and be prepared to change it in the best way. The presentation should end by giving some solutions to these critique points. What can a scout do? What can one do in one’s daily life. You can do it as a powerpoint-movie to be embedded on the homepage or as an article.

3. Presentation of YOUR scouting. Here we are not interested in hearing about the principles and laws of your scout movement. Discuss in the patrol, what scouting is to you. And write up a fairy tale/story about scouting or make a picture/collage that explains scouting in pictures, not words.

4. Make a Christmas present with a Christmas Card for other patrol in other country in tradition with how Christmas is celebrated in your country. Send it by post one month before Christmas.


Best wishes,

The Leadership Project Team

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