GAME/RALLY: Notice me!

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How well do you know your home town/village? In our daily life a lot happens, that we do not notice. This task is to make you notice the world around you and see what’s right in front of you. You may use your network, you may ask people on the street politely if they can help you. Remember to ask for permission before taking pictures of persons!

You get two hours to find and photograph: 

  1. A heart
  2. A star
  3. A bus
  4. A woman or man who speaks more than 2 languages
  5. An grandmother/grandfather with a walking stick
  6. A good driver
  7. A smiling person
  8. A scout/guide
  9. A business man
  10. An apple
  11. A freshly baked cake
  12. An orange flower
  13. A lit lamp
  14. A piece of your culture
  15. A small dog
  16. A piece of rope/string hanging from something
  17. A poster about music
  18. A brouchure on local politics
  19. A fish
  20. A cat sitting in a window
  21. A tree with needles
  22. A doctors clinique
  23. A typical kitchen from your town
  24. One cup of tea
  25. Something national…
  26. Water
  27. A rose
  28. A brown book
  29. Waste on the street (pick it up afterwards)
  30. A religious symbol
  31. A man with a moustache
  32. A baby wagon
  33. An old car
  34. A green shirt
  35. A cabbage head
  36. A pet that is not a cat/dog
  37. A Christmas decoration
  38. A green bush with a hole in it
  39. An uneven pavement stone
  40. A bench with someone on it
  41. Two good friends
  42. A yellow shopping bag


After that: Make a collage (in paper/on a computer) with your pictures. – What did you see? – How were you met on the street?



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