GAME: Flash Your Scarf

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A scarf can be the whole identity of a scout. It may mark our country, our troop, the patrol we’re in, the people we belong with. It tells others that we are scouts and live by the words: proud to be scout. I have been wearing my scarf in Russia, in England, in Schwitzerland, in Estonia, between the dunes of Skagen, in the middle of Amsterdam. This is who I am. Others see me and suddenly someone walks up to me: Hey! You’re a scout! Where are you from and what are you doing here?
Now the game I propose is not to go around hunting scouts on the street (though that is a formidable passing of time, getting new scouting friends). Instead: Grab your scarf and flash it around.

  1. Get someone famous to wear your scarf (Yes, grandmothers, politicians and the nice guy on the street do count)
  2. Get someone who is not a scout to wear your scarf.
  3. Bring your scarf on holliday and take pictures of your scarf on statues and in front of famous places.
  4. Give your scarf to a friend and ask him/her to flash it around somewhere else.

Something to do in a patrol/troop: Agree on the task where to flash the scarf and how, then agree on a date, where everyone should bring their best picture of the scarf. 

 Have you ever wondered how far your scarf could get?
Get going!

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