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Becoming a leader

Dec 17, 2011   //   by louise   //   blogs, Leading, Scouting, Sindal (ICOM)  //  No Comments

I have never dreamt of being a leader. Whenever I became a leader it was either of necessity or impatience. If my patrol leader did nothing but show up, I ended up taking over. If no one else wanted to do it, well it had to be done. And suddenly I became a leader by choice…

Christmas gifts

Dec 14, 2011   //   by admin   //   News  //  No Comments

Dear participants of “The Leadership” project!

As you probably remember, the first subpart is finishing very soon. We hope to find your results in the blogs. Also, don’t forget about Christmas gifts! It’s time to make and send them to your friends from other patrols!

We have organized a lottery, which helped us to decide to what patrol every patrol is sending a Christmas present.

So please send your mail addresses to vsegdakotov[at] as soon as possible and we will give this information to your partner.

How to write a postal address:

address line 1: the name of the patrol and oа its formal leader; address line 2: street address; address line 3: any address specifics (optional) (i.e. Suite number 100 or Second Floor, etc.); address line 4: city and zip/postal index; address line 5: country name Here’re the results of the lottery: Tallin1 – Perm Tallin2 – Kaliningrad Jõhvi – Petrozavodsk Vilnius – St-Petersburg ORUR Visaginas – St-Petersburg NORS

Good luck!

Scouting again, scouting for Christmas

Dec 13, 2011   //   by louise   //   blogs, Sindal (ICOM)  //  No Comments

Within one week I rejoined my old scout group, went out after Christmas trees, dressed up as a nisse(Danish Christmas gnome) in order to hand out hotwine and cakes at a local shop, then I went to a Christmas meeting and taught the scouts the Estonian island game, dressed up as a nun and made a mouse in disguise reveal Thursday’s lottery numbers, and signed up for one day of selling Christmas trees and lottery tickets dressed as myself… 


GAME/RALLY: Hunting for the SMOK

Dec 9, 2011   //   by louise   //   GAME, Rally, Sindal (ICOM)  //  No Comments

Today I have a fairly easy rally for you to do with the younger scouts. In Denmark we had a big campaign some years ago to get new members, The Hunt for the Groggl. I made a smaller version to work at a meeting, checking the skills of my scouts at the same time.


GAME/RALLY: Rally at the Mall

Dec 1, 2011   //   by louise   //   GAME, News, Rally, Sindal (ICOM)  //  No Comments

Does a rally have to take place in the nature? Here’s a game I thought up one year when my scouts were tired of getting sent out in nature and needed a different kind of challenge: