GAME/RALLY: Rally at the Mall

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Does a rally have to take place in the nature? Here’s a game I thought up one year when my scouts were tired of getting sent out in nature and needed a different kind of challenge:

Rally at the Mall

What you need:

  • 4-6 friends, fellow scout leaders, members of family and a picture of them all, walking around the mall one by one, doing their shopping, looking around, stopping when needed.
  • A shoppinglist/list of tasks like: (where can one buy Danish Butter Cookies?, how many hearts are there in Game Stop’s window? etc.)
  • An agreement with the local mall, that you scouts will be going there in a certain period, explaining what they will be doing.
  • One sticker (or other small present) pr. patrol
  • An agreement with the info desk /a certain shop that they will cooperate in connection with one task (remember to check up with them on the day and to prepare them for the number of patrols that are coming)

How to do it:

Every patrol is handed a list of questions to solve in the mall. This could be about the products, the number of things in the windows, the dress of the lady behind the counter in the book store… Also on this list are the pictures of the 4-6 volunteers they have to find, and kindly ask to sign at their photo. Make sure the scouts know that they loose points for bad behaviour. Then give them 1 hour-2 hours to solve the task, depending on the size of the mall. Agree to meet the scouts at the entrance when it all is over to count their points and find the winner.

The trick with info desk: Either they have deliver a translation of a coded message there or ask for directions or they get a code on the spot to solve before the rally is over. If they do right, they deserve their present. I had my scouts pict up a present there, that they only got, if they asked in the right way.

Finding the persons might be the most fun of the task, ask your volunteers to wear funny clothes or hide every now and then. (they should not, however, run away when spotted)


  • All the scouts should wear scarfs and behave like scouts
  • Enough presents
  • The agreement with the mall



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