GAME/RALLY: Hunting for the SMOK

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Today I have a fairly easy rally for you to do with the younger scouts. In Denmark we had a big campaign some years ago to get new members, The Hunt for the Groggl. I made a smaller version to work at a meeting, checking the skills of my scouts at the same time.

Hunting SMOKS


  • Blue oatmeal porridge (cold) (oatmeal in hot water, added colouring)
  • A coded message or two giving hints on the smok: Eg. “Smoks are afraid of bullies, be sure no bullies are around when you hunt for smoks” “Smoks like to have good friends, they appear when seeing good friends.”
  • Sticks and string for making traps
  • a tracking route
  • a recording of someone eating different products and making noises of like and dislike (and said products half eaten on the table/all over)
  • etc…

The story:
The story to be told to the scouts: Someone have been inside our scout cabin! I’ve found traces of food leftovers and a weird recording turned up on my mobile/dictaphone after I left it here.  I believe we have been raided by a smok and I will not have it! It might be cute, but a smok can eat us our of our homes! Your task, my loyal scouts:

  • To figure out how the Smok got in.
  • To figure out the size of the Smok
  • To figure out what it likes to eat. (listen to the recording and figure out what the smok is eating from the sounds and then what it likes)
  • Track it down (follow the blue oatmeal porridge track)
  • Find it’s livingplace. (clues can be given, high, low, middle in the coded message they find when turning over the cabin)
  • Build a Smok-trap. (with the strings, wood etc)

This is a rally that can be made in your closest area. Firstly, as a leader you have to decide where the Smok, a small cute animal, should be having its hidingplace. At this place you hide a small coded message in the same code as the one used in the rally, saying: “I, Mok the Smok, have moved away as there are 1: other scouts to bother/ 2: too many scouts in the area and not enough food, take care!”

When all the scouts have reported back with the message, made their analysis of the smok and buit a trap, you should praise them for being good Smok-hunters, hoping that this will keep the smoks away from your area. The patrols can then make a Smok-brochure, write in their diary about the hunt, exhibit their traps…

You can add more tasks if need be.
And: use this for training tracking, pioneering, working in patrols, attentiveness, etc.


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