Scouting again, scouting for Christmas

Dec 13, 2011   //   by louise   //   blogs, Sindal (ICOM)  //  No Comments

Within one week I rejoined my old scout group, went out after Christmas trees, dressed up as a nisse(Danish Christmas gnome) in order to hand out hotwine and cakes at a local shop, then I went to a Christmas meeting and taught the scouts the Estonian island game, dressed up as a nun and made a mouse in disguise reveal Thursday’s lottery numbers, and signed up for one day of selling Christmas trees and lottery tickets dressed as myself… 

Being a scout is never boring. Scouting is a lifestyle. When it’s in your blood, showing up on a wet Saturday to throw around trees is nothing. Duty, is what makes you show up. Duty to your fellow scouts, who need your help. – That is scouting.

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