Becoming a leader

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I have never dreamt of being a leader. Whenever I became a leader it was either of necessity or impatience. If my patrol leader did nothing but show up, I ended up taking over. If no one else wanted to do it, well it had to be done. And suddenly I became a leader by choice…

It takes time to become a leader. In the beginning all one focuses on is controlling the meeting and figuring out which papers go where, but in time, as one gets to really know one’s scouts it becomes a lifestyle and the actual scouting becomes the most important.

It took me until about 3 years as a leader to know what I was doing and to finally figure out the harmony between wanting to stay a scout and becoming a a leader:

Age 10: Scout leader me? NO! I hate children!

Age 15: Scout leader me? NEVER! I don’t like working with children. Just controlling my own patrol is more than enough for me. I lack authority, but I’m the only one who wants to write the diary.

Age 18: Scout leader me? NOPE! I’m just doing the papers, arranging the meetings and making sure the rest shows up. I got them to go to camp… Praise me!

Age 20: Scout leader me? Well, if it cannot be any different. So… where are the children and please, please let them be old enough to cook their own food?

Age 21: Scout leader me? Check! I have the scouts, a head ache and a promise that they will treat me better next year. They are fun to work with, only a bit lazy.

Age 22: Scout leader me? Ok! Well… The leader course was fun, even adults can do scouting, and we do it so much better now! More of that! My scouts are ok, they managed not to go last in the latest contest. I’m proud.

Age 25: Scout leader me? Yes! My scouts just won second place in the local tournament. Proud leader, that’s me! Leading scouts is fun, challenging, but fun!

Age 27(now): I’m a scout leader.

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