Hello Scoutleader!

We invite you to take part in an exciting journey and become a member of an international crew of the LeaderShip – project for scout leaders, who want to develop themselves, communicate, work with children and youth, and to serve the community!

The project supposes to unite up to 100 young leaders from four countries: Denmark, Lithuania, Estonia and Russia (up to 25 leaders from each country). Work in the project is organized in patrols by 5 people.

The project includes four stages:

  • the phase of international acquaintanceship;
  • the phase of the patrol project preparation;
  • a hike;
  • participating in Jamboree 2012 in Denmark.

Yes, you have to take some efforts, but we also promise you a lot of moments of fun and unusual discoveries, feeling of high team spirit and of the international brotherhood of Scouting!

LeaderShip starts in October 2011, the finish of the project is in October 2012.

Applications from the candidates will be accepted until October 5, 2011.

Requirements for participants:

  1. Participants should have the intermediate level of English language, as it is the main language of the project. Work in patrols can be organized in national languages, but the communication with the other participants and the presentation of the results should be in English. Also the application form is to be completed in English.
  2. The age of participants – from 15 years old.
  3. The candidates must confirm their leadership skills and tell about their activities as leaders in scouting at the moment.
  4. Basically the work will be organized through the Internet, so you must have at least one computer for patrol with Internet access at high speeds; participants should have basic skills of working with computer such as processing and downloading videos and photos, editing the blogs etc.)

You can ask more questions of the members of International committee of the project from your country.

Yours in scouting,
The LeaderShip team